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What is Canolio Gourmet?

The world class Brigade of professional chefs who cook cannabis at home. The CannaChefPros.


The term cannabis refers to the cannabis sativa plant. Although native to Asia, the cannabis plant is now cultivated worldwide.

The cannabis plant is used for its effects on well-being. It is also used for medical, social or religious purposes. The term marijuana is the most common expression designating the dried flowers, leaves, stems and seeds of the cannabis plant.

Most cannabis products come from the flowers and leaves of the cannabis plant or are made from them. The THC (and CBD) content of these different products can vary greatly.


Cannabis containing very low amounts of THC in its flowers and leaves (less than 0.3%) is classified as hemp.

Substances contained in cannabis

The potency of cannabis (concentration or content) in THC is often expressed as a percentage of THC by weight. The THC potency of dried cannabis has increased since the years 80, from an average THC level of 3% to about 15% today. Some strains may show an average THC level as high as 30%.


Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the most documented cannabinoid.

THC is responsible for how your brain and body react to cannabis, including a "high".


Cannabidiol (CBD) is another cannabinoid. Unlike THC, CBD does not produce a "high" or intoxication.

CBD may block or reduce some of the effects of THC on the mind.

This effect would occur when the amount of CBD in cannabis is equal to or greater than that of THC.


Terpenes are produced and stored in the cannabis plant, as are cannabinoids.

It is the terpenes that give the cannabis its characteristic odor.

Canolio gourmet's CannaChefPros Brigade specialists know how to greatly mitigate the smell and taste of cannabis.

Do I provide cannabis for the preparation of the meal?

Depending on the country, the region or territory where you live, the laws diverge. When booking on the site, this information will be sent to you.

Sometimes the CannaChefPro brings the cannabis processed into a food product, sometimes it will have to perform this action at your home with the cannabis you have provided.

The CannaChefPro will inform you of the exact product to buy and where you can purchase it.

THE CannaChefPros

What is a CannaChefPro?

A CannaChefPro, often called a CannaChef or (Canna-Chef), is a passionate immersed in creativity!

The CannaChefPros are leaders who have followed rigorous training on food security and the psychotropic and organoleptic properties of cannabis.

Finding the balance of tastes and flavors is not an easy task when cooking cannabis. By using a CannaChefPro, you will not have (or more!) to make trial-errors to find the perfect balance of flavors.

Cooking with cannabis is a huge challenge. If cannabis is not primed in the right way, the results can be disastrous!

Thanks to the precision in execution, and to respect for the customers, the CannaChefPros respect the wishes of the host and its guests.

Whether for a more sober supper or a more "watered" feast, each CannaChefPro will prepare the meal you have chosen.

What if there are children?

The CannaChefPro will not cook a menu in the presence of children. All guests must have the required age according to the law of their country, territory, to consume cannabis. Even if accompanied by a parent, a child will not be admitted to the table.

How are the CannaChefPro selected?

The chefs enrolled at Canolio gourmet have all followed and succeeded in a rigorous and complete training that allows them to master the cooking based on cannabis in a safe and tasty way.

They meet the standards established by the Governments of the geographic region where they cook.

Customer reviews, how does it work?

Following each "CannaGigTM", the host and guests can give their opinion on the CannaChefPro's personal page. All notices are displayed, whether positive or negative. This function will be active in a few months.

What are the payment methods accepted by Canolio gourmet?

We accept major credit cards and PayPal.

What is included in the price?

The prices quoted are per person. Tips are not included in this price.
The CannaChefPro buys all the required food, will bring the dishes and cutlery if you require.
Cannabis must be purchased by the host.
The CannaChefPro will turn it into a tasty food!
In addition to the kitchen, the CannaChefPro will do the service and the dishes!

What if we have allergies?

When booking, you can inform the CannaChefPro of allergies among the guests.


Procedures for a CannaChefPro reservation request (your home chef)

Find and discover professional chefs in the cannabis-based kitchen. It's easy!

  • Decide on a date
  • Decide what type of cuisine you like
  • Inform Canolio gourmet about the number of guests
  • Specify if guests have food allergies
  • Inform the THC level: desired CBD
  • Choose your CannaChefPro
  • Inform the CannaChefPro of the available amenities in your kitchen
  • Confirm your reservation
  • A confirmation will be sent to you via email

Price of a meal and fees

The level of expertise and price varies according to the chefs and the menus offered.

Some CannaChefPro are from large restaurants, others are graduating from hotel schools (for example, the ITHQ, or they are self-taught).

How is the price of my CannaChefPro reservation calculated?

The amount you will be charged corresponds to the number of guests multiplied by the price per person you have chosen. To this, Canolio gourmet must add the taxes on the products and services applicable in the province of Quebec (GST and QST). Tip (15%) for the CannaChefPro is added to the total invoiced.

Can I pay in the currency of my choice?

Yes! probably! The currency conversion will be made when paying by card or PayPal.

Where can I find information about the arrival of the CannaChefPro at my home?

The CannaChefPro will arrive approximately 90 minutes before the scheduled arrival time of your guests.

When do I get debited from my CannaChefPro booking?

As soon as you confirm your reservation.

Will I have to pay if I have to cancel the CannaChefPro?

Reserve and live a Cannabis Culinary Experience at your table!