Cancellation policies

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Canolio Gourmet applies the cancellation policies to protect both the client and the CannaChefPro.

Canolio Gourmet and the CannaChefPro can see the number of times a host has cancelled in the last twelve months.


The service charge is never refundable. It corresponds to 15% of the total amount charged.

The cost of the menu (price per person) is refundable in full if the cancellation takes place more than 7 days before the reservation : "CannaGig".
Cancellation must occur seven days prior to the set local arrival time when booking the CannaChefPro.

A reservation is officially canceled when the host clicks on "Cancel my booking" accessible via the dashboard> my CannaGig> Edit or Cancel.

The host will be refunded according to the payment method.
Refund Policy, force majeure or cancellations by Canolio Gourmet for any other reason may supersede the cancellation policy.

If the CannaChefPro arrives at the venue, at the agreed time, and no one answers the door, he or she will send an email to the host at the email that the host has indicated in the reservation, and he / she will wait 30 minutes. Following this wait, if no one answers the door or to the email, the CannaChefPro will leave the premises. The amount charged is not refundable in this case.

When a refund is issued, it may take up to 5 business days before it appears in your account (7 business days internationally), depending on your bank or credit card company.